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Taking lettings one step further for tenants with our aim to take the stress and strain away from moving in

We work with each Landlord to agree on the level of service you actually require and as a guideline we outline the three levels of service as being:

- Full Letting and Management
- Letting and Rent Collection Service
- Tenant Service Service

Vital key points to the successful letting of your Property
At Marilla Garland Property Management Limited we know that there are key points vital to you, the Landlord, in respect of successful letting of your Property and we wish to outline now our procedure on just a few of these:

- Free Valuations
- Marketing of the Property
- Finding the right Tenant

- Guidance and Advice in respect of letting the Property and preparation of Tenancy Agreements

- The transfer of rents and monthly accounting

- Maintenance and Management of the Property
- Utilities
- Inventory
- Tax
- Void Periods
- Insurance Advice
- Mortgage Advice

Full Letting and Management
We take care of all the day to day matters arising from the letting and management/maintenance of the Property and the Tenant has full contact at all times with us, your Agent. You have the added peace of mind that as well as Tenants being able to get hold of us during office working hours, we also offer an out of hours phone service so emergencies that may arise when the office is not open can always be dealt with.

Letting and Rent Collection Service
We take care of all matters arising from the letting and rent collection of the Property, but in respect of management/maintenance of the Property the Landlord chooses for the Tenant to contact them directly

Tenant Service Service
We take care of all matters arising from finding a Tenant for the Property, however, once the tenancy has commenced the Tenant has full contact with the Landlord

Free Valuations
We will visit your Property at a time that is convenient and you will be advised on the expected rent and we will guide you on every aspect of the letting of your Property.

Marketing of the Property
Every Property we are appointed to let receives full coverage on our Rental list and web site, with links through to other appropriate web sites.  We advertise our clients’ properties in Property Plus because with over 50,000 copies FREE every week, Property Plus offers the largest distribution of any local Property publication in Cambridge and the surrounding villages.
We like to use a good selection of pictures in respect of each Property. Prospective Tenants are curious before they visit Properties and so therefore as well as presenting external shots of your Property we also like to use a good selection of internal shots with your permission.
Specialist details are drawn up where appropriate and whilst we would always recommend a TO LET board, we do appreciate that from time to time this is not appropriate.  A TO LET board will therefore only be erected with your permission.
We would ask that you sign the enclosed Terms of Business Agreement to enable us to commence the marketing of your Property.  We also require a set of keys to be provided to us at this time please

Finding the right Tenant
From the extensive advertising that we carry out, as well as our close ties with companies in the area and both local and national relocation agents, we aim at all times to find the right Tenant as quickly as possible. Stringent reference and credit checks are always carried out and where appropriate guarantors are also taken.  We request that Tenants pay their rent by standing order and throughout the tenancy, the damage deposit paid by the Tenant is held by The Deposit Protection Service (

Guidance and Advice in respect of letting the Property and preparation of Tenancy AgreementsTenancy Agreements: We always remember that one of the most important aspects of letting is the legal contract and ensuring that where appropriate head leases are allowed for.  The majority of Tenancy Agreements full under the Housing Act 1988 (and subsequent amendments) but it is sometimes appropriate for the contract to be a Non Housing Act Agreement. We use our expertise to know the exact format to use to ensure the proper protection of you, the Landlord. We use our own, thorough Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement which is based upon the ARLA agreement.  Our experience of the years has enabled us to extend this where necessary to endeavour to cover every eventuality

Gas Safety Certificates: It is a legal requirement of The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1994 that all gas boilers and gas appliances are checked annually by a CORGI registered fitter.  We must have a copy of the certificate for our records as a condition of the Regulations before the Property is let out.  We can arrange for this to be done on your behalf by using the independent CORGI registered engineers that we use.

Compliance of Furnishings: The Fire and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988 as amended in 1993 impose fire safety requirements in respect of domestic furniture.  In general, the requirements are that upholstered articles must have a fire resistant filling material, cover fabrics must have passed the match resistance test and the combination of the cover fabric and the filling material must have passed the cigarette resistance test.  Furniture made before 1950 is exempt and items bought new after 1988 should meet the requirements

Compliance of Electrical Equipment: The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 outline that any person supplying equipment must ensure that it is safe and will not cause danger and that it satisfies the safety requirements of the 1994 Regulations.  There is no mandatory requirement for the equipment to undergo safety testing, nor be checked by an approved contractor, however we strongly advise for a safety check to be carried out just prior to the first tenancy commencing and then thereafter at least every two years.

The transfer of rents and monthly accounting
On receipt of the rent each month we will, once funds have cleared, automatically arrange for the transfer of balance monies, less our fee, into your account.  Rents are payable from the Tenants in line with their tenancy commencement date and we then pay the balance monies over to you, the Landlord, in line with this.  We will need your bank or building society details for the transfers to be made, or payment can be made by cheque it you prefer.

Maintenance and Management of the Property

If you choose to opt for the full Letting and Management Service we would ask that you let us know on the Landlords Schedule of any tradesperson you would prefer us to use on your behalf.  If you do not elect a particular tradesperson we have over the years built up a good network of tradesmen in respect of all works that we can appoint on your behalf.  There are no hidden surcharges from us in their invoices. 
We will always contact you if a job that needs to be carried out is a major one and indeed, in such cases, except for emergencies, you will always receive at least two written quotations arranged by us.
If the job is small, we will arrange for it to be done as soon as possible to minimise fuss for both you and the Tenant. From the beginning, we will agree an amount that we can spend before we have to seek your approval, unless it is an emergency and action must be taken.
We will arrange payment of maintenance jobs on your behalf out of rental monies received and this will be outlined on the monthly rental statement together with a copy of the invoice for the works carried out.  In respect of larger jobs it may be necessary on occasion for us to liaise with you over making separate payment.
Not only can Tenants report maintenance problems to us during working hours, but we also offer an out of hours telephone contact service.  We would much prefer Tenants to be able to get hold of us, and if there is an emergency situation we can action it efficiently, again being able to utilise the firms that we use.
If we are fully managing the Property we will carry out quarterly inspections to report back on how the Tenant is looking after the Property and if appropriate on any maintenance issues that we find.  These are not structural surveys, but we will report back on all our visual findings

We will read the gas, electricity and water meters at the time of the Tenant moving in, however it will be necessary for you to arrange your final bills at the time of your departure.  Please arrange for any phone lines to be disconnected prior to Tenants moving in.  We would request that you let us have details of the Utility companies supplying the Property. 
In respect of council tax we advise that you contact the council directly to also notify them of your departure.  We will notify the council in writing of the Tenants details.

We need to advise you of the importance of having a detailed and professionally prepared inventory in place for the Property in respect of fixtures, fittings and furniture prior to the first tenancy commencing.  We would strongly recommend that you allow us to draw up a detailed inventory, the cost of which will be confirmed on an individual basis.  If you do choose to draw up your own inventory though, we will give you some essential pointers for the preparation.

It will be necessary for us to discuss with you the tax implications of letting your Property if you intend to be overseas at all during the period of the let.  If the Landlord is either permanently non-resident or temporarily non-resident then we are governed by the rules and regulations contained within the Taxation of Income for Non-Resident Landlords Regulations 1995 to retain 22% (or the basic rate of tax prevailing at the time) of the rental income.  If you have been approved under the Self Assessment Regulations, you are exempt and we do not have to retain funds. 

Void Periods
During any periods in which the Property is unoccupied by either the Landlord or any Tenant a representative from Marilla Garland Property Management Limited will visit the Property no less than once every fortnight with a view to ensuring the Property is secure.  At the appropriate time of year (November to March inclusive) we will also ensure that the heating is either allowed to run on a low heat to aid the prevention of burst pipes or if you would prefer, arrange a drain down on the properties heating system.  The cost of the drain down will be met by you, the Landlord.

Insurance Advice
We are able to introduce our clients to very comprehensive Landlord Buildings and Contents insurance at very competitive rates through our close ties with N W Brown Insurance Brokers on Regent Street, Cambridge

Mortgage Advice
Through our strong links with local brokers, should you require any advice on Buy-to-Let mortgages and any other associated services we are easily able to arrange for you to meet with the right person in order to sort out your requirements

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